terça-feira, 15 de março de 2011

WORLD GOVERNOR (The word cry, but who’ll be him?)


(Back to the Martyrs)
Globalization in the media, market without tariff barriers, everything is ready for that the checkmate is given, missing only the movement of a single piece: He who coordinate all projects, because without it, nothing be of use all efforts. In the book of the prophet Daniel Chapter 9 and verse 27, says that this world governor will reign by one week (seven years). It also says he will do a concert, or alliance with many (especially with the JEWS), and thus enter the world stage. In half of his reign he'll dishonour it's alliance with an iron hand and will bring about humanity devastations and abominations (he wants to worship - Mt.4).
Today all segments, whether political, religious (ecumenism), or economical contribute to the big event which will come above the humanity (The World Government of Satan).
The Empire that will come, will be represented by a dragon, to be a mixed race picture, depicting a world administration, composed of several nations. It also has seven heads, representing the administration perfect, and even ten horns, which symbolizes all support war-politician who'll receive of those who are tempted by his mistake. This dragon is red, which means blood and war, and principally, will be linked to communism (Revelation 12:3). In Revel. 12:9, we have the revelation of who is the dragon.
We also have in Revel.13: 2 parts that make up the world kingdom that is to arise, these shares, represented by animals that are biblically symbols of former empires, but the peculiarity of this beast (which is a system of world government) is that she has the feet of a bear. Biblically feet represent the command, the subjugation of a situation, the gain, and the bear is the symbol of Russia.
The current European Union is the harbinger of this already acclaimed reign. This Union initially comes with the first horse of Revelation cap. 06, which is the white horse, representing the false peace, then followed by other horses that represent the war, famine and death.
This European Union is the dragon, that will pass his command to the beast, which is the Soviet Union, which, by the way, has already started to show the claws.
Neither wars nor holocaust; nothing compared to the general shedding of blood that in a few decades the world will witness (mat. 24:21).
It then this warning for those who are able to understand. And make it clear that the only way to escape the inevitable government oppressive is only the rapture of the church (II Thes. 2).